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How do I Freeze Leftover Bacon

How do I Freeze My Leftover Bacon

You are going to see a pack of bacon which, usually I would not buy. Reason? Simply because it is too much for us for most of the time. Undoubtedly, I may just store the remaining portion in freezer, however, the idea does not sound good to me as the bacon still has to be defrosted each time (or even using force) before I can tear out a few pieces out from the pack. Either way, hardly do I find it convenient …

How do I Freeze My Leftover Bacon

Here is what I do to get around.

Nothing complicated, I just spend a few more moments in unpacking and spare a little more space from fridge, that’s it!

1) Roll each slice of bacon with index finger (oops, I missed taking a shot while rolling the bacon, this picture is taken after it has been freezed for quite a while).
How do I Freeze My Leftover Bacon

2) With a plastic zipper bag, sit rolls of bacon side by side. Zip up after filled, put in freezer, and it is done! The rolls of bacon can then be retrieved one by one with least effort even they are freezing hard. How do I Freeze My Leftover Bacon

I may now choose to buy a small or larger pack of bacon. Thoughts?

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  1. Amelie

    Clever idea!

  2. RobbingPeter

    You can also freeze the bacon after it has been cooked. Cooking an entire pack of bacon in the oven takes very little effort and a bit more time, but then you have perfectly cooked flat bacon that you can freeze rolled up with a paper towel between each slice. It defrosts easily and you have instant bacon.

    I have never tried doing it raw individually before – that is an excellent idea.

  3. Niki

    See, my problem w/ bacon is that when we freeze it, it has to come out at least the night before if we want it for Sat or Sun breakfast. It’s always too much for us too. And it always takes way longer to defrost in the pack, so maybe having them separate takes less time to defrost? Interesting…

  4. Ed

    Bacon technology at its best!

  5. ppinard

    Keep in mind that unlike other foods, bacon is not well preserved by freezing – fat still goes rancid even in a freezer, you should not store bacon that has been opened for longer than 1-2 months in a freezer

    This method, while convenient for grab and go bacon, exposes more of it to air and will cause the bacon to go bad much faster

    Rancidifcation is caused by oxygen reacting with the fat – it can be retarded by storing your bacon in an air free package or frozen in ice

  6. TasteHongKong

    Thanks for all your comments.

    RobbingPeter, Frozen after cooked? Yes and no, they have yet to be re-cooked if need to become crispy.

    Nikki, Beating one is often easier than beating a group, right?.

    ppinard, I’m grateful for your kind reminder. Although our gut feeling might suggest that packaged foods should be finished as soon as they are opened, hope to see some more precise reminders on packaging.

  7. Alexis

    I usually just freeze in packs of four slices, which is what me and my boyfriend would usually eat. I also keep handfuls of bacon ends and pieces, perfect for making chowder, frozen. But generally I just portion pre-freeze

  8. Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

    I like that idea! Now, where did you find bacon that has more meat than fat on it? lol

  9. jami

    I usually get a long sheet of plastic wrap. Lay a slice of bacon, fold over plastic wrap, lay on another slice of bacon, repeat… That way, I can just unwrap/pull off as many pieces as I need. Works pretty well!

  10. KennyT


  11. Chris

    I never thought of that. I hate trying to remove bacon when they are still half frozen to themselves. Thanks, I’ll have to remember this for the future.

  12. Alejandra

    That’s a brilliant idea! Although I admit that i rarely have leftover bacon… 😉

  13. RobbingPeter

    Ah! I hadn’t thought of that – you see, I like floppy bacon so crispness is not an issue for me.

  14. Sophia

    WOW! This is a terrific tip, one that I really needed. I am the only one who seems to eat the bacon I buy, and the last time I bought it, half of them went to waste. Boo hoo! I haven’t bought bacon ever since. now I can still get it and enjoy! Thank you so much!

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  16. GARY

    I buy Niman Ranch Applewood smoked bacon at Trader Joe’s. I then cook all the bacon ( I cook 3 strips at a time) sandwiched between two paper towels for 1 miute per strip in the microwave. They come out perfectly flat and properly cooked. I then store them flat in a zip lock freezer bag and freeze them. When I need a piece of bacon, I remove a frozen strip, pop it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and…Voila! Hot cooked bacon.

  17. Cindy

    I use Hormels nitrate free bacon. I just cut the pack in half, getting 12 1/2 slices-2 full slices for 3 people. If there are any leftovers, BLT’s for lunch or in a salad..Yum

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  19. pigpigscorner

    Neat tric. I often have to defrost the whoe slab and I only use a few slices each time.

  20. Howard

    Freezing individual pieces rolled up like that is convenient but you have to let them thaw completely before cooking and freezing them after cooking them either means squishy cold bacon after it thaws or if you re-heat it, overcooked bacon.

    Solution. Half cook the bacon, drain the excess grease, lay it out on a cookie sheet or what ever will fit in your freezer) to freeze, then when frozen move it to a zipper freezer bag.

    When you have a hankeren for some crispy bacon (happens a lot with me) grab a couple pieces from the bag, put them on a paper towel in the microwave to thaw and finish cooking, and viola, Mmmm, tasty, crisp, hot bacon.