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Oyster Udon (Japanese Noodle)

Oyster Udon

This virtually is a pot of noodles in soup but there was actually no recipe for me to make this dish. It just so happened that I ate udon with oysters in a hot pot, and the taste is so appealing that later I tried it out several times with some different sauces and vegetables. Here is the one I like most.

oyster udon

  • Ingredients
  • 500g Chinese cabbage
  • 2 packages udon (~200g each)
  • 6 medium-sized oysters
  • 1 package enokitake mushrooms
  • Seasonings for Soup
  • 2 tbsp Japanese fermented soy bean paste (miso)
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp white wine
  • a pinch of ground white pepper


1) Rinse cabbage, cut it lengthway into thick strips. Also rinse oysters as necessary.

2) Add seasonings into 3 cups of water and bring it to boil in a pot. Dilute the soy bean paste with 1/2 cup of water to form a puree before pouring it into the pot of water. Add cabbage, keep cooking it in the soup until it starts to boil again. Then put in udon, enokitake mushrooms and oysters and bring them to boil again.

3) You may need some gentle stir to prevent the undon from sticking together. Cook the oyster as if you are pouching eggs (just to prevent them from overcooking). Drizzle some sesame oil and soy sauce to taste. Serve hot. Try dip the oysters with some Wasabi (Japanese green mustard), it is refreshing and stimpating.

oyster udonoyster odon

oyster udonoyster udon


Do refer to the instructions on the package of udon for the time required for cooking because it varies among different types of udon, namely dried, cooked, frozen. I used the frozen type as it closely resembles the freshy made udon I consumed in Japan.
These photos below recall my memories of visiting Japan and enjoying their hand-made udon.

oyster udonoyster udon

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  1. Marc @ Norecipes

    Looks good! I love oysters. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  2. japan mommy

    Looks good, and very authentic – I should know, I lived in Japan for 10 years and practically lived off udon as a poor student! Thanks!

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    your site is great! i love it. thanks for these recipes. i will definitely be here for a while to try most of these out!

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