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Capturing X’mas Scenes in Hong Kong, 2009

Victoria Harbor seeing from the Kowloon side

Obviously X’mas is a good season for big selling. Every shopping malls here, especially those in the upscale locations, are keen on putting up various kinds of X’mas decorations both indoor and outdoor. And almost everywhere, aren’t they?!. Feeling particularly enthusiastic about these festive signs this year because I …

I know my eyeballs will not be alone seeing these green, red, silver, golden stuff hanging around. I could also capture them, have them posted here, and last but not the least to attach my greetings with them as well.

Merry Christmas, and happy blogging to all of us!

    Victoria Harbor seeing from the Kowloon side

Victoria Harbor seeing from the Kowloon side

On X’mas Eve evening ….

Happy Holidays and enjoy.

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  1. Divina

    I remember spending two Christmases in Hong Kong. It’s always packed with people and lot of shopping. And every night is always festive. 😀

  2. penny aka jeroxie

    I miss hongkong. We are planning a trip next year…. can’t wait.

  3. lululu

    Oh, thanks for the pictures! I simply miss that!

  4. TasteHongKong

    @Divina, That is why occasionally I will also choose to leave H.K. during X’mas. I was once in Manila about a decade ago, eating roasted pig and wearing shorts in Dec.

  5. TasteHongKong

    @ Penny, Yes, bet that the many variety of foods here would interest you. Please also read my email to you.
    @lululu, Please don’t mention it, you are welcome.

  6. MaryMoh

    That’s such beautiful Christmas atmosphere there! Happy Holidays! HOpe you have lots of fun. Mary

  7. Kitchen Butterfly

    How festive to see all the colours and decorations. Lovely. Havea blessed season

  8. Christine

    These photos are stunning. Happy new year!

  9. TasteHongKong

    @Mary, I enjoyed the celebrations just that some places were too packed with crowds, thanks.
    @Kitchen Butterfly, Thanks, blessings to you too.
    @Christine, Thanks. Happy new year to you too.